Cinema 4D Tutorial – How to make a cool wave Effect Using the Displacer Deformer in Cinema 4D

Hi Everybody In this Cinema 4D Tutorial , I’ll show you How to make a cool wave Effect Using the displacer and some advanced technique about animation and rendering in Cinema 4D

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Cinema 4D Tutorial Steps |

- C4D Making the cube as a child of the cloner object
- Adding the displacer deformer into the scene
- Adding the boole tool to making the rounded shape of the object
- Increasing the polygons of the object using the subdivision surface
- Animating the scene using an advanced setting of the displacer deformer
- Adding and setup the lights in the scene
- Creating a beautiful multicolor Material
- Adding the Global illumination
- Adding the Ambient occlusion
- Finally how to setup an advanced rendering in Cinema 4D

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